Intelligent ecosystem to improve
the governance, the sharing,

and the re-use of health data for rare cancers

An intelligent data ecosystem for rare cancers

IDEA4RC aims at developing an IT infrastructure to facilitate the sharing and re-use of health data among clinical centers to promote research on rare cancers and improve patients’ access to high quality care. Our challenge is building a new tool to overcome interoperability issues and make it easier to comply with privacy regulations.

IDEA4RC is being carried out by 25 partners from 12 European countries and coordinated by the Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori in Milan (Italy). The project started in September 2022 and is funded by Horizon Europe.

June 26, 2024 WP10 Ecosystem enlargment
June 26, 2024 WP11 Communication dissemination
June 7, 2024 WP1 Project coordination
June 7, 2024 WP11 Communication dissemination
May 27, 2024 WP11 Communication dissemination
April 24, 2024 WP2 Ecosystem co-creation